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Jonathan Secter, B.S.A., M.S., R.P.Bio.
Natural Resource Ecologist

Mr. Secter was raised in British Columbia and educated in both Canada and the United States. His academic credentials and training are in the areas of agricultural sciences, wildlife biology and management, applied ecology, environmental planning and natural resource management.

Between 1960 and 1967, he spent a total of 18 months in the Middle East involved in the agriculture, education and transportation sectors. Mr. Secter has had a broad and diverse 42 year career in environmental and resource management within a variety of agencies of the governments of Canada and of British Columbia and as a private consultant.

From 1971-1988, he held successively responsible positions in the Canadian Wildlife Service, the B.C. Land Management Branch, the B.C. Water Resources Service, the B.C. Ministry of Environment's Planning and Assessment Branch, and the B.C. Native Affairs Secretariat. As a Public Service manager, Mr. Secter was responsible for: Federal-Provincial environmental relations; energy, industrial, transportation and coastal environmental assessment and review; coastal program coordination; project surveillance and monitoring program development; and strategies for cooperative Aboriginal resource management. He has served on numerous task forces and policy committees, and as a member of five Federal Environmental Assessment Review Panels, as the Secretary to the joint Federal Provincial Westcoast Offshore Petroleum Inquiry, and as the Chairman of the Coastal Advisory Board to the international north-east Pacific Sea Use Council. Since early 1989, he has been the Principal of his own consulting firm, Secter Environmental Resource Consulting (SERC) based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Mr. Secter's varied specialties include: preparation of strategies for the implementation of planning recommendations and assessment findings; integrated land and natural resource planning; coastal zone and ocean resource systems planning;
aboriginal natural resource issues; environmental impact assessment systems and process; management of environmental regulatory requirements for project and resource development; negotiation and interaction with regulatory authorities on behalf of development clients, and the derivation and delivery of negotiating strategies for parties involved in environmental resource disputes and conflicts.

Jordan Secter, M.L.A.
Landscape Designer (MLA)/Environmental Planner

Jordan Secter is an ecologist and a landscape designer. He has worked extensively as a consultant with utility comanied, public land agenecies, rural communities, watershed councils and non-profit organizations throughout Oregon with the goal to support sustainable land management practices.

Associate Staff

Jack Farrell, B.Sc., P.Eng.
Water Resource Engineer and Regulatory Specialist

Mr. Farrell is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia with over 40 years experience with consulting engineers, as the statutory decision-maker under the BC Water Act and in his own practice.  After earning his degree from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) he worked for a number of years in the United Kingdom and Canada on major civil, structural and land development projects. He joined the British Columbia provincial government in 1972 and after holding progressively senior positions became Comptroller of Water Rights with responsibility for water management in British Columbia.  His experience and responsibilities during his time as statutory decision-maker included all aspects of water law, dam safety, First Nations water rights and intergovernmental relations.

William Hubbard, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Ag.
Plant Ecologist/Land Resource Manager

Mr Hubbard is a plant ecologist with 35 years experience in the Government of British Columbia and in private consulting. He has extensive experience in vegetation, soils and terrain inventory, analysis and mapping in British Columbia.

In 1975, he was involved in an extensive soil and terrain mapping exercise on behalf of Pacific Forest Products Ltd. on lands immediately to the west of, and partially overlapping the GVWSA. In addition, he has worked for many years in the fields of land use analysis and planning. His particular interest and expertise lie within the realm of sensitive and endangered community and/or species analysis.