Selected Major Environmental Regulatory Projects

Columbia Power Corporation, Victoria, B.C. 1994 - 2008
Strategic environmental and regulatory advice and services re: power generation plants and projects at Keenleyside, Brilliant and Waneta Dams and related CPC initiatives.

Brilliant Powerplant Expansion

  • Preparation of EAO Application Outline.
  • Issue Strategies.
  • Coordination of Cumulative Effects Assessment.
  • Strategies for dealing with BCEAO and harmonized CEAA requirements and process.
  • Negotiation strategies re: fisheries and related issues.

Keenleyside Power Plant and 230KV Transmission Line

  • Strategies for dealing with BCEAO and harmonized CEAA requirements and process.
  • Coordination of Cumulative Effects Assessment.
  • Enforcing of Owner’s Environmental Commitments.
  • Preparation of Environmental Quality assurance program elements (Environmental Inspection/Supervision, Environmental monitoring).

Waneta Power Plant Expansion

  • Strategies for dealing with BCEAO and harmonized CEAA requirements and process.
  • Preparation of revised EPRP-EAO application.
  • Negotiation strategies re: fisheries and related issues.

Sea Breeze Energy Inc. 2002
Strategic and operational advise on and implementation strategies for expediting the environmental assessment and planning and regulatory approvals required for Sea Breeze Energy Inc projects.

International Powerhouse Energy Corp. 2002
Strategic advice and related services with respect to the environmental planning, assessment and regulatory management of the Cascade Heritage Power Park.

Rapid Transit Project (BC Transit), Vancouver, B.C. 1998-2001
Environmental Assessment Manager: Strategic and Operational Advice and Services with respect to project environmental assessment and planning ,and regulatory process requirements for Broadway-Lougheed-New Westminster Rapid Transit Project.

Cayoosh Mountain Resort Development Ltd.1995 and 1998-2000
Strategic Environmental Regulatory Services for preparation and presentation of environmental documentation requirements to BCEAO.

B.C. Ferry Corporation, Terminal Development and Planning Victoria, B.C. 1994-96
Strategic planning and advisory services re: environmental and regulatory requirements and activities for major terminal developments and expansions (Duke Point, Tsawwassen, Horseshoe Bay, Departure Bay).

Merubeni Canada Ltd. via Davis and Company via Cirrus Consultants.1995
Environmental/Permitting Evaluation of Quinsam Coal Corporation - Mine site and operation, Shipping, and Port Facilities

Cranberry Developments Ltd. 1994
Environmental strategic and assessment services for Municipal and agency approval of mobile home property in Nanaimo B.C.

Lands Division, BCMELP via Michael Bocking Landscape Architect, Victoria, B.C. 1994
Strategic and operational services re planning and approvals of provincial residential property development in Highlands Municipality.

Terraces Development Ltd. via Pottinger Gaherty. 1993
Preliminary Environmental Assessment and Conceptual Environmental Planning for 330 acre subdivision, golf course development, Sechelt, B.C.

Underwood Families and Price Club Canada Ltd. 1993-4
Environmental assessment and regulatory services and strategies for major Price-Costco Warehouse facility. Saanichton, B.C.

Shelter Bay Development Corporation via Pottinger Gaherty Ltd. 1993
Environmental strategic and regulatory services for sewage trunk line siting and construction, Westbank, B.C.
Environmental strategic and regulatory services for multiple residential/ commercial/resort property development, Westbank, B.C.

Whistler Air Ltd. via Geo-Alpine Environmental Consultants. 1992
Environmental assessment strategies and regulatory analysis for siting, construction and operations of float plane base at Green Lake. 1992.

Aquatic Science Research Ltd. for Nanaimo Harbour Commission. 1992
Strategic and Regulatory advice re environmental assessment of Nanaimo Harbour navigation channel dredging/blasting program.

British Columbia Ferry Corp. via Resource Systems Management International. 1992
Strategic and Regulatory Contributions to Environmental Assessment of Proposed Duke Point Ferry Terminal and to Abandonment of Departure Bay and Nanaimo Ferry Terminals.

West Georgia Enterprises Ltd. 1991-92
Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Services for Popkum Recreational and Residential Development, Popkum, B.C. (Includes golf courses, marina, resort, subdivisions, etc.)

Wesbild Enterprises Ltd. via Hehn Environmental 1991-92
Environmental Impact Analyses and Regulatory Strategies for Westwood Plateau Golf Course Development.

Cowichan Bay Private Moorage via Aquatic Science Consultants. 1991-92
Environmental Regulatory and Strategic Services for proposed marina and related facilities at North Cowichan, B.C.

Vanderhoof Pulp & Paper via Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. 1991
Strategic Planning and Environmental and Regulatory Advice re Proposed Vanderhoof Pulp Mill.

Glacier Rainbow Enterprises. 1991
Strategic and operational advice for environmental assessment and planning of mid-coast water export project.

Alberta Envirofuels Inc. (Petro-Canada and Nest Oy) via Counterspil Research Inc.
Regulatory analysis, strategies and facilitation re MTBE additive shipment and dock and rail facilities (Kitimat).

Greater Vancouver Water District via Klohn Leonoff Engineering and Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. 1991-92
Regulatory and environmental strategies, permit and approval facilitation for Cleveland Dam Hydroelectric generation and transmission..

B.C. Ferry Corporation, New Construction Division 1991-92
Environmental Permitting, Approvals, and Assessments for Terminal Expansion at Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay. Tsawwassen Habitat Compensation program.