Marine, Terminals and Foreshore Development

Projects for Vancouver Port Corporation

Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program. 1993
Program Development and Interim Program Coordination: action planning, budgeting public involvement design, for the GVRD, VPC, BCMoE, DOE, DFO.

Vancouver Port Corporation. 1990
Preparation of strategy for completion of habitat compensation program for Roberts Bank port expansion.


Projects at Roberts Bank

Sea Breeze Energy Inc. 2002
Strategic and operational advice strategies and services for expediting the environmental assessment and planning and regulatory approvals required for proposed Wind Generation facility at outer Roberts Bank projects.

Tsawwassen First Nation. 1997
Regulatory status and feasibility analysis and strategies for proposed Tsawwassen Marina Project.

B.C. Ferry Corporation, New Construction Division. 1992
Environmental Permitting, Approvals, and Assessments for Terminal Expansion at Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay. Tsawwassen Habitat Compensation program.

B.C. Ferry Corporation, Terminal Development and Planning. 1994-96
Strategic planning and advisory services re environmental and regulatory requirements and activities for major terminal developments and expansions (Duke Point, Tsawwassen, Horseshoe Bay, Departure Bay).

CN Railway Twin Tracking Program. 1983-87
Provincial Member of Federal-Provincial Environmental Steering Committee.

Fraser-Thompson Corridor Transportation Analysis Implementation. 1985-1987.
Provincial Member of Federal-Provincial Environmental Steering Committee

Roberts Bank Port Expansion, 1976 - 1987
a) Provincial member of federal EAR Panel. 1976-1979
b) Provincial Member of Environmental Implementation Committee. 1979-1987


Other Marine Terminal and Foreshore Facility Development Projects

Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd. 2009 - 2010

Environmental supervision and monitoring of construction of submarine repair hangar. Environmental assessment and planning for modular office building proposed on DND lands.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Small Craft Harbours Branch, Vancouver 2001-2002
Environmental Management Planning and Issue Strategy Services to selected Pacific Harbour Authorities.

BC Ferry Corporation, Terminal Development and Planning, 2000-2001
Coordination of environmental assessment documentation and regulatory strategies for Horseshoe Bay Terminal Expansion Project.

Sidney Pier Holdings. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 1996
Environmental overview analysis and regulatory analysis for Marina purchase and upgrade.

Economic Policy Group, BC MEI via Cornerstone Planning. 1996
Assessment of Possible Alternative Use for 34 Federal Light-stations in B.C.

Cowichan Bay Private Moorage via Aquatic Science Consultants. 1995
Environmental Regulatory and Strategic Services for proposed marina and related facilities at North Cowichan, B.C.

Kendall, Jacobs and Main/. 1994
Environmental Planning, Assessment and Permitting for campground and marina development at Becher Bay, B.C.

Alberta Envirofuels Inc. (Petro-Canada and Nest Oy) via Counterspil Research Inc.1994
Regulatory analysis, strategies and facilitation re MTBE additive shipment, and dock and rail facilities at Kitimat.

British Columbia Rail Properties via Westmar Consultants. 1993
Environmental component of industrial development evaluation of estuarine properties at Squamish.

Swiftsure Ferry Corporation. 1993
Environmental Regulatory Analysis for Victoria-Vancouver Express Passenger Ferry Project.

British Columbia Ferry Corporation via Resource Systems Management International (RSMI). 1992
Strategic and Regulatory Contributions to Environmental Assessment of Proposed Duke Point Ferry Terminal and to Abandonment of Departure Bay and Nanaimo Ferry Terminals.

British Columbia Ferry Corporation via Resource Systems Management International (RSMI). 1992
Bio-physical Impact Assessment of Proposed Duke Point Ferry Terminal.

Transport Canada (Coast Guard) via Culbert and Smythe. 1992
Environmental component of marine facility suitability study at Hillside (Howe Sound).

Fraser River Training Works. 1980-83
Provincial Member of Federal EAR Panel.

Allied Harbour and Port Projects Activity

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority. 2004 –ongoing
Strategic and operational environmental and regulatory services.

Helijet International Inc. 2003
Environmental assessment, planning and regulatory services, proposed facility expansion and breakwater at the Ogden Point Heliport, Victoria Harbour.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Small Craft Harbours Branch, Vancouver. 2002
Organization and facilitation of Environmental Management Planning Workshop for Annual B.C. Harbour Authorities Association Conference.

Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada, Delta, BC. 2002
Inventory and catalogue the writings, drawings, presentations, slide shows of Wolf Bauer, pioneer with respect to the preservation, stewardship and sound use of both marine and riverine shores and shore resources across the U.S. Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

Habitat Conservation Trust Fund in Association with Lanarc Consultants, 2001 - 2002
Preparation and production of Coastal Shore Stewardship Guide.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Prince Rupert, B.C. in Association with Archipelago Marine Research. 1999
Classification of and plan for foreshore habitats of Prince Rupert Harbour & environs.

City of Victoria Planning Department, Victoria, B.C. 1998
Preparation of additional sections (Physical Characterization; Environmental Attributes and Conditions) for incorporation into Draft Victoria Harbour Plan.

BC Ministry of Fisheries, Victoria, B.C. 1998
Senior specialty advice re: Research of Marine Zoning Concepts and Practices

DFO Small Craft Harbours Branch, Vancouver. 1997
Land Agency Services: Tenure Applications; Regulatory Process Analyses; Tenure Investigations; Market Rental Surveys.

Capital Regional District via Aquatic Sciences Ltd.1997
Strategies for marine habitat and water quality enhancement in the enclosed marine waterways of the CRD.

40 Huron Street Development, Victoria, B.C. 1997.
Strategic and operation regulatory advise service re land tenure, marine commercial enterprise integration at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Environment Canada, Vancouver, B.C. 1997
Pacific Region Coastal Programs/Initiative Inventory.
Pacific Regional Chapter for National Program of Action for the Protection of Marine Environment from Land Based activities.

City of Victoria. 1996
Preparation of Victoria-Esquimalt Harbour Divestiture Investigative /Analysis Program Package.

VEHEAP via Aquatic Sciences LTD. 1996
Preparation of document, Regulatory Responsibilities in Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours, Gorge Waterway and Portage Inlet.

Harbours and Ports Directorate, Transport Canada Vancouver, B.C. 1994-1996.
Facilitation of H&P Strategic Planning re Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours
Coordination of H&P Public Consultation re Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours.
Management of H&P Liaison with V/E Harbours Environmental Quality Program.
Facilitation of revisions to Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours Emergency Plan.
Specific development planning services - Ogden Point terminal, Fisherman's Wharf marina; OP Dive Centre.
Specific problem resolution tasks - West Bay Marina live-aboard mix; Victoria Line Ferry access.
Environmental services and advice re foreshore and riparian lease renewals/transfers/changes.
Harbours and Ports Directorate, Transport Canada Vancouver, B.C.
Facilitation of Ogden Point South Shore Enhancement Implementation, Victoria Harbour.

Coastal Advisory Board to the international northeast Pacific ‘Sea Use Council’.
British Columbia Representative 1978-1984; Chairman 1984-88.