Environmental Scanning for Land Transfers and Treaty Negotiations

An environmental scan is an evaluation of the current environmental condition of the lands in question.

First Nations involved in pre-treaty land transfers or treaty negotiations over lands need to ensure that those lands are subjected to a thorough environmental scan, in order to be well-informed and aware of the current extent, nature and state of environmental issues, including habitat destruction, terrain disturbance, resource encroachment, and contaminated areas.

A comprehensive environmental scan will help to identify and set priorities for resource management and for negotiating joint policy development and cooperative management over natural resource responsibilities.

Component Focal Services

Examine lands for habitat degradation and resource loss and prepare strategies to address these.

Examine lands for environmental contaminants and all suspected or known contaminated sites and prepare site remediation strategies as needed.

Identify resource management priorities and prepare strategies to negotiate shared decision-making and resource management responsibilities.

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