First Nations Land Management Act Preparatory Services

The First Nations Land Management Act (FNLMA) allows First Nations to opt out of the land management provisions of the Indian Act. Framework Agreements give First Nations the the legislative authority to manage their reserve lands under their own Land Codes.

The intended outcome is to prepare the participating FN to be in apposition to manage and administer its land and natural resources, independently of Indian and Northern Affair's administrative provisions.

SERC provides preparatory services to First Nations re the environmental and natural resource management and governance requirements of the FNLMA.

Component Focal Services

Develop a land code and regulations, and a land management system;

Create or refine a detailed mapping system;

Develop an environmental assessment and protection regime;

Derive an environmental assessment process and procedure;

Create a land use policy and procedures manual;

Undertake related consultation and education;

Provide associated training.

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