Community Economic Development for First Nations Communities

SERC's approach is to facilitate a process of community economic development planning that optimizes the development and use of community resources and assets. This approach includes the analysis of natural, social, cultural and heritage assets within the community within a set of concentric contextual spheres.


The following steps are used to develop a community-specific economic development plan:

  • Undertake a community resource identification program to establish an inventory of community assets.
  • Determine appropriate economic development opportunities, based on the community assets inventory.
  • Determine opportunities of focus (i.e. create a short-list of opportunities), given the capabilities and interests of the community and the broader market forces.
  • Determine the capacity, training and infrastructure needs in order to optimize the pursuit of the identified economic development opportunities.

SERC's role is to provide strategic and analytical services as well as facilitate a process in which community members will design and implement the desirable strategic and operational plan.



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