Referrals Management Systems

First Nations in British Columbia are faced with an array of development projects in and around their traditional territories. First Nations governments are in receipt of a continuous barrage of application referrals from multiple agencies at all levels of government. If the First Nation does not respond to the referral by the prescribed date, the referring agency assumes that the First Nation has no concerns with the project, and therefore their interests and concerns are not accounted for in the vetting of the project application.

With limited staff resources, and the monthly referral loads facing them, First Nations in British Columbia are in need of both a system for priorizing and handling the referrals received, and the capacity to deliver that system.


Component Services

Development and implementation of a referral “Triage System”, which will ensure that the referrals are addressed on a priority basis.

Derivation of criteria for the rating of priority areas, priority project types, adverse effects, resource sensitivity and importance, and benefit types.

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