Coastal Zone Conservation and Development

SERC's approach to the management of coastal zone resources entails working with natural processes, rather than against them, in the interest of achieving and sustaining soundly-based bio-physically defensible costal zone conservation and development.

Shores are dynamic systems with inherent structure and process and sensitivities to and suitability for varying types of use.

Essential for shore resource stewardship is a fundamental awareness of shore dynamism, function and sensitivity; of the physical, social, cultural and economic consequences to individuals and communities from their misuse; and of the attendant benefits and advantages of sound and suitable use.

Component Services

Coastal zone management and development strategies;

Coastal resource conservation strategies;

Coastal development facility siting;

Coastal and ocean area and resource planning;

Kayak water trail planning and development;

Integrated estuary / harbour planning and management;

Biological marine resource management;

Non-living marine resource management and development; and,

Marine transportation and ports management.

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