Environmental Project Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment is a tool for use within development planning and regulatory decision making. The purpose of environmental impact assessment is to identify any potential environmental impacts, propose measures to mitigate any impacts of significance, and apply such measures within project planning and design.

SERC offers a strategic approach to environmental assessment and planning programs which looks at environmental assessment requirements from the perspective of what they are to be used for, and how they are to be applied.

Key strategic elements of effective and successful environmental protection and development planning are:

  • the early integration of environmental considerations into project planning and design;
  • the focusing of environmental programs at the appropriate levels of project planning and regulatory decision making; and
  • the formulation of the right questions to be addressed in the appropriate context.

The SERC approach is based upon these principles and is designed to achieve optimal cooperative outcomes in the planning, assessment and evaluation of developments in a variety of regulatory contexts.

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Project Environmental Impact Assessment Strategies and Management

Environmental Project Planning and Design

Environmental Inspection, Supervision and Monitoring Strategies and Implementation

Prescriptions for Ecological Restoration

Strategies for Environmental Contaminants Assessment and Remediation

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