First Nations Land and Natural Resources

The primary land resource issues facing First Nations communities include:

  • a limited and constrained formal land base;
  • outside encroachment on resources near Reserves and within traditional territories;
  • employment and business opportunities for First Nation members;
  • a need to focus on and take greater control over the pace, orientation and type of development within its traditional territory;
  • Band roles in developing and managing Band resources; and
  • unique and additional regulatory requirements, pursuant to the Indian Act.

SERC has longstanding and extensive experience in working with and for First Nations, with a view to addressing these issues and to focusing and achieving the objectives and aspirations of First Nations people and communities.

Component Services

Identification and evaluation of land and water based environmental resource assets. more...

Identification and evaluation of natural resource based Community Economic Development opportunities.

Environmental and natural resource conservation planning. more...

Environmental and natural resource regulatory approvals, strategies and management. more...

Provision of and guidance to strategically focused Referrals Management and handling systems.

Environmental Scans of traditional territories regarding the full range of environmental issues requiring attention and remediation.

Environmental and natural resources capacity building.

Preparatory services for environmental and natural resource management and governance requirements of the FIrst Nations Land Management Act. more...

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