First Nations Engagement

SERC is involved with First Nations Engagement, both on behalf of development proponents and on behalf of First Nations' communities.

From either direction, our approach is to work with First Nations and proponents to develop a program that:

  • builds positive, mutually beneficial relationships between proponents and the First Nations who live in and make their livelihood from the resources in the project area;
  • enables the delivery of appropriate, relevant and long-term community development opportunities;
  • develops open, effective and efficient information-sharing mechanisms to facilitate project processes and requirements involving First Nations communities;
  • advances the project in the context of cooperative community-based environmental and social planning and assessment.

Component Services

Focusing and undertaking CEAA environmental assessments for intended Band and Certificate of Possession holder projects and for externally proposed projects. Read more

Strategic and operational advice, guidance, support, review and evaluation with respect to the implications and effects of proposed projects within the First Nations' traditional territory.

Intended Outcomes

Direct and on-going economic and social benefits to the involved First Nations.

Decreased likelihood of disputes and conflicts.

Responsible corporate practices and improved corporate image on the part of proponents.

Improved certainty and security of access to land and resources.

Facilitation and greater ease of approvals processes.

Reduced closure costs and liabilities resulting from improved management of social risks and community expectations.

Selected SERC Project Listings