Environmental Project
Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment is a tool for use within development planning and regulatory decision making.
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Environmental Regulatory Strategies and Management

The attainment of environmental regulatory approvals is intimately intertwined with the environmental planning and assessment of ...
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Natural Resource &
Land-Use Planning

Both integrated and resource-sector natural resource planning form the basis for effective land and resource conservation, and for economically successful and sustainable land and resource development ...
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Coastal Zone Conservation
and Development

SERC's approach to the management of coastal zone resources entails working with natural processes, rather than against them, in the interest of achieving and sustaining soundly-based bio-physically defensible costal zone conservation and development ...
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First Nations Land
and Natural Resources

The primary land resource issues facing First Nations' communities today include ...
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Natural Resource Based Community Economic Development

SERC's approach facilitates a process of community development planning that optimizes the development and use of community resources and assets ...
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First Nations Engagement

SERC is involved with First Nations' engagement, both on behalf of development proponents and on behalf of First Nations' communities ...
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