Natural Resource-Based Community Economic Development

SERC's approach facilitates a process of community development planning that optimizes the development and use of community resources and assets - including the resources of the natural, socio-economic and heritage environments.

SERC's role in this process is to function as facilitator, strategist, guide, and advisor in a strategic process that is led by the community, and moves toward the preparation and implementation of the desired community-based plan.

Success is achieved through active involvement and decision-making by the community in the creation, evolution and implementation of the desired strategic plan.

Ownership and control of the project and its products by the community is viewed as the primary objective of this process.

Component Focal Services

Strategy and structure for community participation in and control over the community planning process;

Community resource and asset identification/inventory;

Community needs and desires identification;

Resource development selection and planning; and

Community capacity building.

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