Natural Resource and Land-Use Planning

Both integrated and resource-sector natural resource planning form the basis for effective land and resource conservation, and for economically successful and sustainable land and resource development. SERC's specialties include strategic and operational planning of natural resources in the context of local, regional, provincial and national economic development initiatives.

SERC takes an ecological and landscape systems approach to natural resource planning and management. It is the nature of the character and state of the resource system that determines its type, suitability and extent of use.

Component Focal Services

Strategies and plans for the management, development and conservation of natural resource systems within political and geographical units;

Strategies and plans for the management, development and conservation of specific natural resources;

Strategies for waste management and recycling programs;

Implementation strategies for advancing derived plans and program initiatives;

Strategies and plans for involvement of the general public and indiginous peoples in national/regional/local natural resource and environmental management and planning;

Strategies and programs for dealing with trans-boundary natural resource and environmental issues;

Strategies for negotiating resolution to natural resource and environmental conflict; and,

Strategies for sustainable regional resource development.

Selected SERC Project Listings