Environmental Regulatory Strategies and Management

The attainment of environmental regulatory approvals is intimately intertwined with the environmental planning and assessment of development projects and programs. Key to this is the linking of environmental planning and assessment activities to the realties of both project and regulatory decision making.

Component Focal Services

Analysis and preparation of municipal, provincial, federal, First Nations and joint environmental impact assessment requirements, procedures and criteria.

Strategies for integrating environmental procedures with prevailing zoning and permitting procedures.

Coordination and management of focused environmental and social impact assessment review programs.

Review, screening and evaluation of environmental assessment applications and submissions.

Strategies for developers to deal effectively with municipal, regional, provincial, federal and First Nations environmental assessment requirements.

Design of focused environmental impact assessment programs.

Strategies and programs for interfacing municipal/regional environmental requirements with those of senior government.

Environmental regulatory permitting services.

Strategies and programs for dealing with federal, provincial, First Nations and trans-boundary environmental impact assessment requirements.

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